About Fukuyama City University

Features of Fukuyama City University

University Features

Fukuyama City University is a four-year coeducational university which was inaugurated in April 2011 as the 81st public university in Japan.
Our university consists of two faculties and two departments: Department of Childhood Education of the Faculty of Education and Department of Urban Management of the Faculty of Urban Management. The education system with a small number of students (250 students per academic year) is divided into four quarters. This system provides tiered/focused short-term study, as well as fully enriched personal experience/participation for the fields studied all over the Fukuyama City area, in line with our motto that states, "The city is our campus." All of these features make Fukuyama City University a new type of public university.

Fukuyama City University

University Mission, Philosophy and Objectives

Fukuyama City University was established based on the following university mission, philosophy and objectives.

University Mission

As a university in our rapidly changing society, our mission is to create human resources capable of supporting the continuous development of society through persistent intellectual creative endeavors, and to create new forms of learning that meet the demands of the era. Three pillars of Fukuyama City University to fulfill our mission are as follows.

  1. Succession of Knowledge
    FCU's first pillar is to foster human resources that are able to contribute to the development of sustainable society as a public university in Fukuyama.
  2. Enhancement of Knowledge
    FCU's second pillar is to extend new knowledge which is useful to solve problems in society and community by encouraging practical and interdisciplinary academic researches.
  3. Delivery of Knowledge
    FCU's third pillar is the contribution to the local community. As an academic center open to the community, we shall assist cultural development and the development of the local society in keeping with the internationalized era.

Educational/Research Philosophy

Fukuyama City University implements education and research based on the following philosophy in order to achieve the mission of our university.

  1. Fostering human resources responsible for developing a sustainable society.
    In cultivating a wide range of perspectives and a rich sense of humanity, our university shall cultivate human resources capable of identifying and resolving issues in order to develop a sustainable society in harmony with the environment and with others.
  2. Creation of new forms of learning through interdisciplinary education and research.
    Our university implements interdisciplinary education and research, and aims to extend new "Knowledge" through the fusion of specialty fields to correspond with the myriad of issues that are difficult to resolve in modern society by an individual specialty.
  3. Contributing to society as an open education/research base
    By using the strengths of a public university, our university promotes practical education and research that is linked to local childcare centers, schools and other institutions in order to improve the local educational capabilities. By also forging links with industry and administrative organizations, our university takes on the functions of being a "think tank of Fukuyama City", as well as providing lifelong learning and similar opportunities for local residents to enrich the regional culture.

Objective of Human Resources Development

Fukuyama City University aims to cultivate human resources that contribute to the development of a sustainable local community based on the university mission and the education/research philosophy. Particularly, our university shall develop the human resources with the character and capabilities required for responsible adults.

  1. Human resources with a broad view and rich humanity
    Our university shall cultivate human resources with a global perspective, the ability to perceive issues from a multiple points of view, a high level of communicative capability and a rich humanity.
  2. Human resources with conceptual ability and creativity
    Our university shall cultivate human resources whose expertise will be developed by integrated and comprehensive perspectives, and that also have the capability to conceive and create the values needed for the new era.
  3. Human resources imbued with practical capabilities
    Our university shall cultivate human resources with the ability to collaborate with a variety of people in order to implement projects that can resolve issues, and that have the practical capabilities to independently and continuously perform such projects.